The information being released here on this site is a first  in the Internet.  It shows how the fallen Angels and Demons spirits and hijack this world from us have you seen the land and how it looks  like a Nephilim skull!
God himself is warning us of them or they have terraform our world to their image don't take my word for it to your research!

May God bless you in your search for the truth!


Genesis Chapter 6, verses 1 through 4 mentions Nephilim:


Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whom ever they chose. Then the LORD said, "My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years." TheNephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward,when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.


Africa Satellite Image

Can you see the continent of Africa and how it looks like the Nelphim skulls?
Did they terraform this world so it would resemble them?
And just look at the world maps with any of the other formations can you see a resemblance?

it is now time for us start really digging deep for the truth and to do our research!
It doesn't matter because this is truly God's world and ours!

Salvation Prayer