Some one asked me who are they this is the fast version!

Now this is a very long story let me try to give it to you the short version.... But the people that control this world not good they want to enslave our minds make and us their slaves..

They do not believe in the create of all God they believe in themselves creating selfishness and material and power or they worship the dark god Lucifer and they believe that their Gods!! they hate the true and one God!

We are here to have life lessons to find the one true God and to find him and love..... this world tries to corrupt you and tries to take that away from YOU!

They are doing it through again through the what's we eat the water and the air we breathe to dumb us down and then the mind washes through TV radio on the media that is why they call it programming to make you think how they think and that is the quickest explanation I can give you....

I've been doing research since 2001 when 9/11 happened that's when I woke up to the truth of what was going on in this world....

Again if you know God and you love God their is nothing to fear or be scared about we are protected by the Holy Spirit and by the blood of Christ!!!

Enjoy your family and love the heavenly father and you'll be fine regardless what they do!!


Sonny Cardona