Who are the sheeple?

I have did  my research for years and years  by the grace of God  and I have found out the things that I know and have did years of research most people go against...Why is that?

What I have to say and what I have learned  and what your going to  read right now you may not agree with what I have to say but I have did my research ended up points to the fact that you will read today.

Most people I talk to about this neither do the research or go on their knees and pray to God for the answers!

This is how everyone's stuck in the programming and start becoming sheeple at such a young age again this is just an example...

Example how many times have I told everybody that sports are rigged and it's actually pointless to watch it takes you away from God when we should be praying instead of watching a stupid games they teach their children to watch this crap. And it gets into their children's minds and in traps them in the same matrix or prism or shall I say prison! as their parents....

Don't get me wrong it's fun to watch sports just to watch it here and there but to follow a team and buy all the crap and become a fanatic to this this satanic stuff I'll pass.......

They are STUCK IN their programming by the illuminati!!!

They do not want to go to God  do their spiritual push-ups.... They  duty not want to do their mental push-ups and look at the stuff really and deeply to see that poisons that are in the water in the food and in the air 

They are so mind washed by what's the illuminati tell them. 

It goes with the whole gambit of education religion governments and and the very social networks that enslave you.

1. Education they mind wash you for years to make you think this is the absolute truth..In other words it is there HIStory... They leave God out of the equation pure necessary and doctrines of mind watching you and educating the youth.... Hence mind control.

2. Religion they teach you about God but most  of the r
eligion are misleading they teach you all their dogma and extort money they get from the patrons.... False worship of idols and control when God is the only answer as Christ teaches us how to get to God it's not hard it's easy go to the creator  but churches have made to dogma to wash down the truth and to mine control the populace!!!

3. Government and  I hate to tell you your government lies and it's only here to enslave you more taxes more taxes and more taxes making people poorer more laws to enslave them!!! propaganda through the Senators Congressman and Presidents to mind control the populace!!

Also included in the government mind control is the military as we know they train  that our soldiers to fight and kill that is why all soldiers must go through some type of boot camp to mind washed to break them and mold them.

4. Society we get friends you're friends now have been mind control their whole entire life through the three that I've talked about they drag you down they do not want you to learn the truth break outside the box!

all equal = enslavement and what nemesis calls and William Cooper which he coined....... THE SHEEPLE!!!!

So what we have we have with the illuminati Psychological warfare almost on every human being on this planet the only way you can break free is by being born again truly knowing God reading the Bible in Christ and knowing all!!

it easy being born again through Christ out of this Satanic world this matrix, prism or shall I call it again the prison.....

Or you have people like you Matt and nemesis that knows this stuff about the illuminati New World order all the things are right in front of his face but like nemesis Q. and number get to the point of the truth they are possessed by demonic spirits to blind them so they do not see the truth!!!!

So they are locked in to again the Satanic religion and the false gods.... they are prisoners........

People like you that have Satanic books and do rituals that blind from the truth!!!

Which I believe nemesis does do the dark arts so he would never see the truth as well you can know all the stuff and call it right down from pike...lol but if you miss the most important thing and has a relationship with Christ and God you miss everything you miss the big picture

So that is why I will never agree on everything nemesis says I believe in the true one God pure power the most powerful thing in the universe and that is the creator!!! 

Saying that in closing you have to make the decision whether you truly want to wake up from this complete enslavement by these governments and this world!

The truth is out there is not hidden the illuminati tell you exactly what they're doing they have to its spiritual laws of the secrets out and propaganda does go both ways but God only goes one!!!

Christ tells us how to get to God being born again and baptized to love God with everything we got!

He gives us a choice!

Hope you guys learned something reading this and may God bless you all!

Sonny Cardona