Cell Phone Tower Radiation Danger

The safety of cell phone towers is a subject of great debate.

Millions of dollars are poured into research facilities to answer the question

of whether cell phones and their towers are safe.

The answer depends on who you ask. Cell phone conglomerates say yes; concerned


scientists and researchers are answering back with a resounding "no."




  1. Over 100,000 cell phone towers exist across the United States. These towers emit radio frequency waves (RF) and give off electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Towers emit the same amount of radiation as microwaves and microwave ovens. The radiation can reach up to two miles away from the actual cell phone tower. Evidence of electromagnetic radiation, even in low levels, causing dangerous effects is growing at an alarming rate.
  2. Warning

  3. Scientific, epidemiological and medical evidence reveals the danger behind cell phone tower radiation. Data suggests even low levels of RF may have profoundly negative effects on our biological systems. RF can cause damage to cell tissue and DNA. "This bathes our bodies, our children, pets and co-workers in microwave radiation close to the range of a microwave oven," notes Lori L. Nester, a concerned nurse.
  4. Effects

  5. Cancer, suppressed immune systems, depression, Alzheimer's disease, blood brain barrier leakage problems and neurological problems are just a few of the health problems associated with RF. An increase in fertility problems is on the rise with many blaming the cell phone towers for issues such as low sperm count, miscarriage and birth defects. Every day annoyances are creeping up as cell phone towers are built. Headaches, sleep disorders, nose bleeds, increased heart rates and memory loss are occurring more frequently.
  6. Who is at Risk?

  7. Elderly individuals, the frail and pregnant women are in greater danger from cell phone towers than the normal population. However, it is the children who are at the greatest risk for developing conditions associated with RF. Their thinner skulls and rapid growth rates make them more susceptible to the tower's waves. The United Kingdom issued warnings to people under the age of sixteen to avoid cell phone use completely.
  8. U.S. Standards

  9. Radiation standards for cell phone towers in the United States are some of the most lenient and least protective in the world! The United States government allows 580 to 1,000 microwatts per sq. cm. Compare our standards to the rest of the world and you'll be amazed. Australia tolerates no more than 200 microwatts per sq. cm. Russia, Italy and Canada only 10 microwatts per sq. cm. China six microwatts per sq. cm. and New Zealand allowing only 0.02 microwatts per sq. cm.

Cell Wifi WiMaxYou Can't Escape The Radiation. It's Everywhere.

We simply can't escape the exposure to this radiation. It's everywhere. There are so many people using cell phones and wireless connections today that you don't even have to own a cell phone to be exposed. You're just as exposed as everyone else. Every time someone makes a call from a mobile phone the signal is sent to a cell phone tower. There are so many calls being made by everyone all around us and now there are so many mobile phone towers in operation, that all of us are caught in the crossfire. It's like second-hand smoke from cigarettes, except that we can't get away from it. There simply isn't anywhere to escape.

How Mobile Phone Towers Work

Cell phone towers emit signals in a "flower petal" pattern around the tower. This 360-degree radius around the tower is called a "cell" and this is what the term "cell" in cell phone means. (5) When your    Cell phone antennae LasVegasphone is in a "cell" you get good reception and when it isn't in a "cell" you get poor reception. So, for a cell phone company to provide complete coverage cell phone towers and antenna towers must be positioned all across the country so that the "cells" overlap. You can begin to see what a huge infrastructure needs to be created to provide complete cell phone coverage. That's why cell phone towers and antenna towers are so prevalent. Furthermore, that's why these antennas are installed in so many places like rooftops, fire stations, schools and churches. This is what is necessary for complete coverage.

Studies Show Adverse Health Effects From Cell Phone Towers

If you aren't sure that cell phone towers and masts are harmful the following study summaries should convince you. Below are listed six studies that have shown significant adverse health effects on people living near cell phone towers. According to Dr. Grahame Blackwell "these are the only studies known that specifically consider the effects of masts on people. All six studies show clear and significant ill-health effects. There are no known studies relating to health effects of masts that do not show such ill-health effects." (6)

1. Santini et al. found significant health problems in people living within 300 meters of a cell phone base station or tower. The recommendation was made from the study that cell phone base stations should not be placed closer than 300 meters to populated areas. Pathol Biol (Paris) 2002; 50: 369-373.

2. A Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research study entitled, "Effects of Global Communications System Radio-Frequency Fields On Well Being and Cognitive Function of Human Subjects With and Without Subjective Complaints" found significant effects on well being including headaches, muscle fatigue, pain, and dizziness from tower emissions well below the "safety" level.

3. Gerd, Enrique, Manuel, Ceferino and Claludio conducted a Spanish study called "The Microwave Syndrome" and found adverse health effects from those living near two cell phone base stations. The health effects included fatigue, a tendency toward depression, sleeping disorders, difficulty in concentration and cardiovascular problems.

4. From an Israeli study published in the International Journal of Cancer Prevention, Vol. 1, No. 2, April 2004, Wolf and Wolf reported a fourfold increase in the incidence of cancer in people living within 350 meters of a cell phone tower as compared to the Israeli general population. They also reported a tenfold increase specifically among women.

5. In the Naila Study from Germany, November 2004, five medical doctors collaborated to assess the risk to people living near a cell phone tower. The retrospective study was taken from patient case histories between 1994 and 2004 from those who had lived during the past ten years at a distance up to 400 meters from the tower site. The results showed that the proportion of newly developed cancer cases was significantly higher in those patients living within the 400-meter distance and that the patients became ill on average eight years earlier. In the years 1999 to 2004, after five years of operation of the transmitting tower, the relative risk of getting cancer had trebled for residents of the area in the proximity of the installation compared to the inhabitants of Naila outside the area.

6. An Austrian Study released in May 2005, showed that radiation from a cell phone tower at a distance of 80 meters causes significant changes of the electrical currents in the brains of test subjects. All test subjects indicated they felt unwell during the radiation and some reported being seriously ill. According to the scientists doing the study, this is the first worldwide proof of significant changes of the electrical currents in the brain, as measured by EEG, by a cell phone base station at a distance of 80 meters. Subjects reported symptoms such as buzzing in the head, tinnitus, palpitations of the heart, lightheadedness, anxiety, shortness of breath, nervousness, agitation, headache, heat sensation and depression. According to scientists this is the first proof that electrical circuits in the brain are significantly affected by a cell phone tower. The distance in this study was a mere 80 meters.

Two-time Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Gerald Hyland, a physicist, had this to say about cell phone towers. "Existing safety guidelines for cell phone towers are completely inadequate. Quite justifiably, the public remains skeptical of attempts by governments and industry to reassure them that all is well, particularly given the unethical way in which they often operate symbiotically so as to promote their own vested interests."

Dr. Bruce Hocking did a study in Syndey, Australia, of children living near TV and FM broadcast towers, which by the way, are very similar to cell phone towers. He found that these children had more than twice the rate of leukemia as children living more than seven miles away from these towers.

Results in yet another recent study (7) conducted on inhabitants living near or under a mobile phone base station antenna yielded the following prevalence of neuropsychiatric complaints: headache (23.5%), memory changes (28.2%), dizziness (18.8%), tremors (9.4%), depressive symptoms (21.7%), and sleep disturbances

(23.5%). In this study the participants were given a neurobehavioral test battery measuring such things as problem solving, visuomotor speed, attention and memory. Symptoms of exposed inhabitants were significantly higher than control groups.

Furthermore, Europe's top environmental watchdog group, European Environment Agency (EEA), is calling for immediate action to reduce exposure to mobile phone masts. EEA suggests action to reduce exposure immediately to vulnerable groups such as children.

The development of brain tumors in staff members working in a building in Melbourne, Australia, prompted the closing of the top floors of the building. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is housed in the building. Seven staff members were diagnosed with brain tumors and five of the seven worked on the top floor. A cell phone antenna is located on the roof of the building. (8)

The Orange phone company in England is being forced to remove its mast tower on a building in Bristol, England. The removal is a result of a five-year effort by residents and local authorities to have the mast removed. Cancer rates in the building, which has become known internationally as the "Tower of Doom," have soared to ten times the national average for the 110 residents living there. The two masts sitting on the roof, one owned by Orange and the other by Vodafone, were installed in 1994. Vodafone has refused the remove its mast. (9)

More evidence and research, including a Supreme Court brief, of the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.

Cell Phone Towers Affect Animals

Animals aren't exempt from exposure the cell phone tower radiation either. One veterinary school in Hanover, Germany, reports that dairy cows kept in close proximity to a cell phone tower for two years had a reduction in milk production in addition to other health problems including abnormal behavior patterns. (10)

Firefighters Vote To Suspend Cell Tower Construction On Fire Stations

Concerned about the effect that masts have on the nation's firefighters, The International Association of Fire Fighters voted in 2004 to voice its opposition to cell phone towers and antennas being place on and around fire stations. They want proof first that there isn't a safety issue and have asked for a moratorium on further construction and placement of any more towers or antennas on or around firehouses until such a study can be conducted.

What Are These Antennas Doing To Our Kids While They're In School?

It's not worth the risk. They should not be subjected to microwave radiation when science has proven there could clearly be devastating effects as outlined in the previously mentioned studies. School boards and parent organizations need to be aware of the inherent dangers from such an exposure. It's been clearly shown that microwave radiation penetrates the head of a child much easier than that of an adult. This is due to the thinner and softer bones in the head of child. (11) Skull bones don't fully harden until about age 22.

How Many Cell Phone Towers Are Near You?

The average person lives within one-half mile of a cell phone tower. Have you ever wondered how close you live or work to one of these towers? Would it bother you if one were right in your backyard? How many of these towers and antennas do you think there are in your immediate area? Find out by visiting the websitehttp://www.antennasearch.com/. Simply type in your address and you'll get a listing and a map of all the towers and antennas within a short radius of your address. Like most people you'll probably gasp when you see the numbers. These towers are literally everywhere. Hundreds and hundreds of them are probably located within a few miles of your home or office.

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Your cell phone is a microwave transmitter and it should bear a cancer warning! Microwave energy oscillates at millions to billions of cycles per second. The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry reports that these frequencies cause cancer and other diseases by interfering with cellular DNA and its repairmechanisms. Microwave promotes rapid cell aging. Italian scientists have recently demonstrated that cell phone radiation makes cancerous cells grow aggressively. Cordless phones marked 900 megahertz or 2.4 gigahertz emit the same dangerous microwave radiation as cell phones.
The connection between microwave exposure and cancer has been documented for years. During the Cold War, the Soviets irradiated the U.S. Embassy in Moscow , Russia , with low level, twin-beam microwave radiation. Two successive ambassadors developed leukemia. Other staffers also developed cancer, or their blood showed DNA damage, which precedes cancer.
Research by University of Washington professor Dr. Henry Lai shows brain cells are clearly damaged by microwave levels far below the U.S. government's "safety" guidelines. Dr. Lai notes that even tiny doses of radio frequency can cumulate over time and lead to harmful effects. He warns that public exposure to radiation from wireless transmitters "should be limited to minimal."
Motorola advises consumers to avoid pointing a cellular antenna toward exposed parts of the body. But independent tests show that cell phones can also leak huge amounts of radiation from the keypad and mouthpiece. This radiation deeply penetrates brain, ear and eye tissues, which are especially susceptible to microwave damage. Belt clip cases allow cell phones to deliver radiation to the liver or kidney areas when a wired, hands-free earpiece is used.
Recent studies confirm that cell and cordless phone microwave can:
* Damage nerves in the scalp
* Cause blood cells to leak hemoglobin
* Cause memory loss and mental confusion
* Cause headaches and induce extreme fatigue
* Create joint pain, muscle spasms and tremors
* Create burning sensation and rash on the skin
* Alter the brain's electrical activity during sleep
* Induce ringing ! in the ears, impair sense of smell
* Precipitate cataracts, retina damage and eye cancer
* Open the blood-brain barrier to viruses and toxins
* Reduce the number and efficiency of white blood cells
* Stimulate asthma by producing histamine in mast cells
* Cause digestive problems and raise bad cholesterol levels
* Stress the endocrine system, especially pancreas, thyroid, ovaries, testes

Lots of talk has been bandied about in the media these days, about the potential dangers of cell phone radiation. Let there be no doubt the dangers are very real, over two thousand studies now attest to the harmful effects this type of emission has on our health. I have outlined twelve tips to help you best avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone.

  • Children should not be allowed to use a cell phone. The exception would be in an emergency, of course. A child’s organs are still developing and their skulls have lower bone density, plus they have a lower body weight and this all adds up to a much less effective blood brain barrier against cell phone emissions.
  • Make calls that are necessary but don’t overdue it and limit the length of the calls. The longer the call is, the more you will be exposed to EM radiation.
  • Don’t clamp the phone to your ear — use the speakerphone. This keeps the phone further away from your body. If you have to hold the phone, make sure that the back of it is away from your body. A flexible air tube kit can also be used to make your cell phone hands-free.
  • Place the phone next to your ear, if you’re dialing out, only when the person on the other end has answered. If you’re getting an incoming call, wait a couple of seconds before placing the phone next to your ear.
  • Try to avoid carrying the phone on your body. Women can use their purses and for men, there’s a handy gadget called a Blocsoc which offers good protection.
  • Use your phone when the reception will be good. If you can be close to a window it’s so much better. A basement, elevator or underground will block the signal and the phone will be emitting more EM radiation trying to locate a signal. Some reports have stated that each time a reception strength indicator is missing, that there is much more radiation being put out.
  • Using the phone while your vehicle is moving makes the cell phone antenna constantly scan for a tower and its signal is at maximum strength while it’s trying to find one.
  • Try not to use your phone in a parked vehicle. You will be exposing yourself to the Faraday effect, it’s a bit like you being in a microwave oven except instead of food its your brain that gets cooked.
  • Don’t leave your phone switched on while you sleep next to your bed. It’s best to perhaps leave it on the kitchen counter, and turned off. If you sleep with your cell phone next to you, you will be exposed to the radiation.
  • If you feel tired or sick, it’s best not to use the phone. Pregnant women and seniors should not use the phone. Amniotic fluid in a woman expecting a baby does not protect the baby from microwave radiation. Also, if you wear metal-framed eyeglasses or have metal fillings in your head, then will be more exposed than someone who doesn’t.
  • Purchase the phone with the lowest SAR rating. In the UK the limit is set at 2 watts per kilo and in the US it’s 1.6 watts per kilo. SAR stands for specific absorption rate and this rating can help you pick the phone with the lowest EM radiation output.
  • Use text over voice when using the cell phone. This limits duration and body exposure to EM radiation.

These tips can help you reduce your risk of exposure to the radiation emitted from your cell phone. Cell phone radiation is important but it’s just one factor, be aware of your overall exposure to electromagnetic radiation. It all adds up as we go about our daily lives using computers, WiFi, video game consoles, electric blankets, electric hairdryers etc. We are all being constantly bombarded by this type of energy. If you can get hold of an EMF gauss detection meter then you’ll be able to easily keep track of your daily dose of EM radiation, and help your family, and yourself, live a bit healthier.


Watch The Signal Bars On Your Cell Phone

Cell phone reception bars2The signal bars on your cell phone tell you how strong the signal is that are connecting to your cell phone. In other words, the closer you are to a cell phone tower the stronger the signal. The stronger the signal the less power your phone has to use to maintain the connection. A strong signal is indicated by a full set of "bars" showing on your cell phone display. Fewer bars mean a weaker signal. Aweaker signal means the cell phone has to work harder to maintain the signal. Consequently, more power is needed to maintain the connection. The more power needed the greater the amount of radiation produced by your phone and the greater exposure to you. So always try to talk in outdoors or in an open space. This allows an easier connection from your cell phone to the nearest cell phone tower. Your phone won't have to work as hard and less power is used to maintain the signal, which translates, to less radiation exposure for you.

What Can We Do?

Obviously, we can't escape the exposure. We've established that fact. So what can we do to minimize the damage?

Here are few ideas: We need to limit our exposure any way possible. Don't live near a cell phone tower if you have a choice. Don't buy a home near one even if the price is right. Limit your use of wireless devices. Go back to 'wired' connections whenever possible. Maximize your health through proper nutrition and good hydration. Eat foods high in antioxidants and take supplements. Eat organically as much as possible. There is no safe distance to locate away from a mast tower. Obviously, the closer to the tower the greater the exposure risk so do locate as far away as possible. Whenever possible encourage your local government officials to consider transitioning to the use of fiber optic cable. Most of it has already been laid underground. It's just not being used. There are no masts with fiber optics and the small amount of radiation at the exits can be neutralized with technology now available.

Discourage the use of Wi-Fi in schools by meeting with your school officials and school boards. (see www.expelcelltowers.org) Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up everywhere now. Even whole cities are going wireless with the installation of Wi-Fi. Again, it's all done through a wireless signal, which is damaging to your health. Don't let cell phone companies install cell phone antennas on the roofs of schools where your children attend. The radio waves are disruptive to their ability to focus, not to mention the health hazards we've already outlined. If you can't change your current situation there is some hope.