This is a Extremelifechanger.com world web exclusive first  time info  released on the net!

As I write this it is February 21, 2011 it is Presidents' Day I had no idea that I would be exposing one of our first Presidents George Washington on this day... The heavenly father has gave me these  revelation now I am about too show you!

I will expose the Satanic  symbolism that is on the  American dollar bill  some  of the things  I am about to show now have never been seen on the worldwide net!

Okay here is a George Washington our first  Masonic  president so they say... Now I wants you to focus in on his hair if you look closely to  where his  right ear  should be the one closest to us  you will see hair if you look closely you will see the smiling Satanic Baphomet!

Let me explain if you look at  where his ear should be you will see a little mouth  if you  look above that you see a little nose cheeks above that to eyes eyebrows  to the right   you will see a horn going towards the right and one horn going up. if you look below the mouth of this figure on his hair which is his sideburns you would  also see goatee .... now and you can clearly see the full figure of Satanic Baphomet!


Now let us look at how the devil  the snake in the Garden of Eden is right in front of us on the dollar bill through George Washington first notice his eyes his pupils are slits like a snake!

Now I took these pictures with my computer they are not the best but again this is a first on the Internet. I did not Photoshop any of these pictures  all I did was brighten and darken them.  You can do the same thing take a dollar bill and wrap in  a fluorescent light this one was in my bathroom and by doing this we will see how George Washington's skin would turn  like a reptilian again as the image of the fallen Angel Lucifer!

The people who made this dollar bill are in secret satanic societies!

Now by putting the dollar bill and wrapping it around this light you can see the transparency due to dollar bill where the N of the one is perfectly aligned with George Washington's face causing this  green reptilian look!   My friends this was not done by accidents this was done on purpose just like go  the devil Baphomet is in his hair to show you who they worship Lucifer the devil the fallen angel one... These people are pure satanic to the highest order but they will fall when Christ comes back!

Again can you see detail of the snake in his eyes and his jaw line  the horns coming up from his head!

That my friend is the devil on the dollar bill hidden for so long until now!THIS STUFF IS FROM THE DEVIL HIMSELF!


dollar_bill_showing_new_world_order  newworldorderwar.com


Now you can see who these secret societies monsters worship!

Now let me keep show you more proof!

Now I did discover this before I saw it on the net but some one has already put this out... But once again it is  showing you the  fallen Angels that surround the dollar bill in its web of deception  pure evil and satanic!

Go get a $1 dollar bill. and see if you see the Skull faced winged Demon on there.. there are two of them......

zooming in...

can you see it ??

i will remove the back ground.. can you see it now?

Click the image to open in full size.

what are these demons doing on our money? Because they are pure Satan worshipers!

Click the image to open in full size.

Even the Eagles  that is supposed to represent freedom but is doing the opposite it here it is covertly representation as the snake  Lucifer look at the Eagles eyes and you will also see that it is slit like a snake like the people that control and manipulate this world corrupted to the core! Have you had enough well let me give you a little bit more of my  exclusive  research  first heard on the extremelifechanger.com!

Uroboros, The Snake that bites in its own tail.
There are a number of interpretations about the logic or values behind the Uroboros snake (also called Ouroboros and Uroborus). The normal explanation: it symbolizes the recycling or renewal of the Universe.

From the nothingness shows up a specific zone with other properties than the nothingness itself. This can be a pelastration of nothingness through nothingness. For us this zone however represents our physical and metaphysical Universe.   Do you see the Ouroboros
is right above the eyelid the  snakes mouth is open and the little scales!  They are trying to create a satanic New World order  through Satanic magical rituals! 
Some say that the eye itself is a reptilian!

I will show you once again that they worship the fallen Angel! If you look straight into the eye you will see a demon look closely do you see the demon?!