Today I  am going to talk about my hometown Cleveland Ohio and how the banks  have taken over my  city.

Let's look at the sky most of it is bought and paid off  by banks,  insurance companies and corporations. Let us first look at the BP building  is now the Huntington building  the middle of downtown Cleveland. after the Bank of  bank bail out  many of the banks  have bought  a lot of real estate in Cleveland.

Also notice the architectural composition of this building it looks like a  unfinished pyramid.

200 Public Square - BP Building from the Terminal Tower Observation Deck - photo by Dan Hanson

And the logo of Huntington it is a octagon again in many occults this is  one of their main symbol!

Now also let us look at the PNC building  it is also in the middle of Cleveland Ohio and if we look at the logo of P.N.C  you will see again that it is a  uncapped pyramid  and a few connect to middle with the three lines it is a representation of 666.

Let us look at another huge building in Cleveland which is a US bank  are building itself has three pyramids on top of it! I always tell people that Egyptians and Babylonians never lost  their power and looking at these buildings you can see that they did not!  Also by looking at their logos you see again their Satanic agenda  the US Bank five red stars which anyone who knows the occult nose at the red Star is a representation of  use of  Lucifer  and it is also making a pentagram in the middle of the stars in a circle which is highly highly occult!

Now on to the KeyBank which is the largest building in the Cleveland skyline to show that this is the most a call for Satanic building it is actually a representation of an owl! don't see it look at the red keys they would be the eyes and then the middle of the Silver is to be and the Windows going down would be the week some say that is Moloch A demon in the Bible! Key Tower from the Terminal Tower Observation Deck - photo by Dan Hanson

Here is the key building and all Ohio federal reserve well get to them in a bit....

Let's now look at sports real quick Cleveland is known world wide for there sports teams!

Now just to show you that they can control sports too they  own the main venues here in Cleveland loaning companies such Quickens loans Arena

We also have at the end a Browns Stadium on by the Lerner family and MBNA credit cards!

They try to own everything!



blood-1.gif MEDIUM BLOOD image by a_6_a_6_a_6
And now here we have it the granddaddy of the banks in Cleveland the federal reserve made in 1913 and it took over America!

Made all American slaves and the world as they control the world currency!

blood-1.gif MEDIUM BLOOD image by a_6_a_6_a_6

Again you may say there's banks  in every city and you're right with the largest ones are all over Cleveland take a look next time you're in your town  and look at all of the banks  that are there again the  United States helped out the IMF and gave them bail outs with our money!  They made hundreds rich and millions poor! These major banks are all working towards a satanic one world system in slave us even more!



And get Baptize it will change your life!

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