Genesis 3

1 The woman seduced by the serpent, 6 enticeth her husband to sin. 8 They both flee from God.

Today I will show you how the Apple Corporation is part of the satanic new world order through its logo and software!

What I am about to show you is from some of the Logos on their toolbar.

Apple Leopard OSX

Now this is the stickies logo on the tool bar  again there are three sixes in this logo first the one on top (the phone number) then look at the middle stickie  where it saids eggs  the Gs look like 6s  hence 666.Not convinced yet  look at this....

This is the dashboard logo I want you to pay attention to the three red gauges  I believe this is a representation of 666! Also if you look closely at the middle  gadge  you will see 5 dots if you connect those dots you will get a pentagram!

And there are other pentagrams five pointed stars on many of the other logos  like the Safari web browser don't see it?
Look at the compass and  notice that the arm of the compass is white  as the other one is red so when you connect  of the white points as in North, West, East, South  and include the white arm  you get a pentagram! Also if you look at I movie  you will see a  inverted star which has occult meanings.

And  yes even in the  system preferences  there is a pentagram!

This is the  genius bar logo which used to be on the I  tunes. Now it is primarily the logo in every Apple store where customers come in and pay or go for repairs. notice that this  six pointed star a representation of the  fallen angels as the pyramid up  and pyramid it down as above so below!Also now notice  that 3 dots on the logo those are representations of six there are three of them 666!

And  look at what is in the middle of the six pointed star is the word ''US''  Apple is  clearly stating that they are part of Lucifer  and they want us to be apart of it as well.

These people are satanic to the core!

Now let me show you how they worship Lucifer which is also  Osiris Egyptian times if we look at the Apple symbol we will see that three  pyramids of Giza They are the  three curvature  on the Apple the bottom  is a curve  in the bite is a curve  and the top has a curve I believe those to be a representation of the three pyramids Giza going to the top of them all is the stem pretaining to the all seeing eye.....

Osiris was linked to the constellation Orion (Sahu in Egyptian).
Now if you say that's a stretch let's look at these logos here for sure we have one.
Pretty Eye
On the bottom of the Apple if you look right above it is a eye! Again at the bottom  of the Apple is a  curve that in my interpretation is a un capped pyramid!
And at the top is what i believe a stem which is a eye  and there you have it the eye of Osiris  the Satanic  all seeing eye of Lucifer!

Still  don't believe me???

Look at the plug of my old Mac book pro you can now clearly see that these people worship Osiris and the old demon gods!

Inside a I Mac we see three Xs x in the occult mean 6 hence three Xs = 666!
And a pyramid!

And look close you will also see a demonic face!

Also inside the I phone has the symbolgy satanism look at the top of the right hand corner and see the satanic inverted star with a circle in the middle connected to the power button!

iPhone 4S
And to prove that the I in the apple products like i phone,I pad,I pod,I mac I can go on and on it  is a representation of the ideologies Luciferianism To care about oneself that you are a God that there is no God which is a lie and here is more proof that the eye is a representation of the eye of Osiris here is a 5 dollar bill folded and as you can see the building turns into a uncaped Pyramid and in the middle above it is a ''I''  which is a representation just like the dollar bill of Osiris and what Apple promots so vigorously!

The new eye phone just came out today and it will make Millions for the satanic company APPLE  the illuminati, and the apple that satan presented adam and eve, and how about SIRI spell SIRI BACKWARDS AND IT SPELLS >>>> IRIS >>>> I believe that it is symbolic for the SATANIC ONE EYE OF THE ILLUMINATI as we see on the satanic pyramids!!!

This was apples commercial when they first released the Macintosh back in 1984 at the end of the commercial  they stated you will see why 1984 won't be 1984 and they where so are right!

When they released the iPhone and I pad they now track their customers through GPS without their consent!

Even if you turn off your phone they  can track you!.

Most of the other cell phones let you take out the battery so then they can't track the iPhone dosen't even let you take out there battery!

24 hour tracking

They also use a ''ALIEN'' a.k.a Demons as thier logo... Hidden of course!

Welcome to the precursor of the Mark of the beast!
Don't believe me?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the duo who began Apple Computer in 1976, ...Dubbed "Apple Is," the computers sold for $666 each.

$666? Now if that dosen't say it all!

I don't know what elese to tell you!?

''I'' am not getting tricked!

''I'' choose the real God!