Just to prove that the presidential ellection are a show let me show you how the presidents look when they get in office and when the go up for re-elections or are done!

And yes I know they have gotten older in office but why not colr your hair like when you first ran?

I will tell you why at the end of this page.

Bill Clinton taking the oath of office, 1993.

File:Bill Clinton taking the oath of office, 1993.jpgFile:Clinton1997SOTU.jpgPresident Bill Clinton signs the Balanced Budget legislation in 1997.

Clinton1997 this is his secound term can you see how much more gray his hair is in only 4 years!

Let's look at the next president Bush who was elected in 2001


Now Bush already had gray hair but wouldn't you if you where a Bush?

All the evil that family has done all these years!


George W. Bush, 1999

File:Bush 43 10-19-04 Stpete.jpgGeorge W. Bush speaks at a campaign rally in 2004.

He has a little more white.

U.S. President George W. Bush walks with president-elect Barack Obama on Nov. 10, 2008 at the White House. / Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

Now this is why i made this page look at Obama in  2008

Barack Obama holds a town meeting in Levittown, PennsylvaniaFile:Official portrait of Barack Obama.jpg

And now look at him in only 4 years.

Obama Campaign Change We Need

Wow he got old ''REALLY'' quick!


He's already for the big SHOW I mean the elections in November!

Are you starting to see the trend?

You see they want to pretend to the public that these guys are working hard when in all actuality they are just actor or puppets for the Jesuit Illuminati satanic New World Order!

I'm taken my life back from evil!

Are you!?