Here is a comic from Jack Chick and John Todd
about witches and satanism who the illuminati possibly murdered!!!!




This is an original adaptation of the infamous Crusaders Comics story "The Broken Cross" originally published in 1974 by Chick Publications.

Young girls and innocent animals are being kidnapped by practitioners of the black arts, and a small town may hold the secret to this vile cult. Jim and Tim, The Crusaders, come across this mystery and they set out to show these shifty Satanists some old-time religion and preach them the word of the Gospel.

NOTE: The views expressed in this video are those of Jack T. Chick (who wrote the story along with contributor John Todd). These views and opinions do NOT necessarliy reflect those of the makers of this video. This video was created solely as a non-commercial endeavor for entertainment purposes.

Original story written by Jack T, Chick, with John Todd. Artwork by Fred Carter. Original story copyright 1975 Jack T. Chick. No ownership is granted nor implied. The video editing, art production work, voice work, and direction is by Matthew Hawes. Other voice work and music by Al Chantrey. This video production is copyright 2011 MBH Productions. Music is copyright 2011 by Al Chantrey/MBH Productions.

Jack T. Chick is the controversial writer/artist and publisher of the infamous "Chick tracts," religious comic books in tract form, that have been published and distributed globally for over 40 years. The tracts, and the comic books he has also published have been read and discussed by both religious and non-religious folk alike. They are highly opinionated and often inflammatory tales of religion, and Chick has come under fire for his outspoken criticisms of other religions and organizations that he believes is part of a Satanic conspiracy. The story presented in this video is unaltered, and the original artwork was only altered to properly format it for the use in making this video. This video is presented without any further commentary from the filmmaker to allow YOU, the viewer, to make your own conclusions as to the validity of Chick's claims and views.