This recession and deflation of “enterprise” in the world is causing a lot of anxiety! Lately, several friends and clients have called on me for “crisis intervention.” That is, helping them overcome deep anxiety, depression, and absolute panic over money! Or, over their perceived LACK of money! And the New world order!!
Here is the tool-kit of “21 Ways” that I gave my friends and clients to help themselves in the future. I hope you will enjoy it, too!

21 Ways to Defeat Depression – Physical, Spiritual, Emotional
2) Drink Water – 75% of us are dehydrated; affects brain, emotions;
3) Take Supplements: B-Complex, Shaklee Stress Relief, Vita-C; St. John’s Wort, SAM-e; Shaklee Moodlift; even multi-vitamin supplement;
4) Help someone else – get your mind off your problems!
5) Call a friend and talk.
6) Check your blood sugar, eat some protein
8) Exercise – aerobic, weights, etc
9) MAKE YOUR BED – exercise organizes your mind, gives you a sense of accomplishment
10) If exhausted, take a nap or meditate,pray  (if at work)
11) Take a walk where it’s green, if you need calm; go where people are if you need stimulation, and need not to be alone;
12) Visit a favorite place, café, store, art gallery— have a warm beverage like herbal tea;
13) Pet your pet
14) Play with your pet
15) Take a shower – negative ions are refreshing
16) Talk to yourself (stop the negative tapes of your Egoic mind): Shout “STOP IT!” give yourself permission to be where you are emotionally, “I am where I am;” recite something calming, the Lord’s Prayer, Prayer of Jabez; think one thought better —“I will get through this; there are people who care about me;”
17) LOOK at Written GOALS, remind yourself of where you want to go, be, do, have;
18) LAUGH – watch, read something funny
19) Pray for friends – express gratitude for what you have
(20) Do something for someone else – send a gift or card you’ve been meaning to send; get out of yourself; which is “getting into yourself,” puts you more in vibrational harmony with the love energy, how you were born;
(21)  BECOME BORN AGAIN!WALK AS JESUS DID WITH OUT SIN AND LOVE YOUR FELLOW BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY GOD WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT! Assume that persona, be that person, speak in their voice, express their determination.
Know that you are LOVED! We live in a blessed, infinite Universe, and you are always connected to SOURCE ENERGY''THE HOLY SPIRIT'', When your emotions are at peak intensity, whatever you are thinking about will manifest much faster!''PRAY''
Make your job, your total enterprise, to shift your thoughts to what you DO WANT! Use that powerful ''HOLY SPIRIT'' emotional intensity to manifest the GOODNESS OF GOD you want in your life!

Top 10 Herbal Remedies Everyone Should Know to keep your body mind and soul strong!

  • Colds and Flu

    Sore throats try lemon tea with a tsp of honey

    • Or take spoonful of honey
    • Liquorice is also very good for sore throats, add a teaspoon of powdered root to a beverage tea and feel relief instantly
    • Try coffee to open bronchial tubes, for bronchitis
    • Echinacea can reduce respiratory infections, reduce symptoms and accelerate recovery, it is advice to take in a capsule or tea, harmless numbing or tingling of the tongue may occur if taken in a liquid form
  • Minor Burns and Scrapes»

    Aloe Vera is great for soothing minor burns and sunburns

    • Honey also works well for minor scrapes and cuts
    • Horsetail (Not from a horse) can be used to heal skin and speed the healing of wounds, also works great for skin care products
  • Dandruff, Dry Scalp and Head Lice

    Tea tree oil is great for all these problems, add a drop to your shampoo to help relief of dry scalp and dandruff. Use tea tree oils and associated products to help kill head lice and continue using in your shampoo for prevention against head-lice

  • Headaches and Migraines

    Coffee and tea help relive head pain, caffeine blocks pain perception and has pain reliving actions as well as elevates mood helping to minimize pain…try a few drops of lemon juice in your coffee for more relief

    • feverfew if taken regularly by migraine suffers can help prevent migraines about 2/3 of the time. Take 50-150 mg per day in powdered leave form
    • try using peppermint on a cold compress, just a few drops, apply to painful areas, helps sooth and relax muscles
  • Digestive

    Having digestive problem try some chamomile, if your sensitive to ragweed be cautious of an allergic reaction to chamomile

    • For Digestive tract infections try Goldenseal, this is an herbal antibiotic, this can help with Ulcers, food poisoning, infections and diarrea, ask your doctor before taking goldenseal
      • Peppermint is also good for indigestion, chew a sprig of mint after a meal to help settle the stomach
  • Pain

    Red pepper (cayenne) is a potent topical pain reliever, when rubbed on the skin it causes mild superficial burning, it will desensitize nearby pain nerves and will sooth deeper tissues

    • Coffee can be used to relieve pain as well
    • For arthritis and joint injury pain try Turmeric, the yellow pigment in this Indian spice is an anti-inflammatory. In combination with Boswellia(frankincense) it can help treat osteoarthritis
    • White willow bark for back pain, about 240mg a day to relieve pain should NOT be given to children
  • Menstrual and Menopausal

    Chaste tree is one of the best herbs for PMS although it can take up to three months for symptoms to occur 93% of women reported a high benefit, some women may have some stomach distress, headache or increased menstrual flow.

    • rosemary tea can also help relive pain from cramps, see above for more pain remedies
    • for menopausal discomfort try flaxseed, flaxseed is rich in phyto-estrogens that can help take the heat out of hot flashes, take regularly for results
    • Black Cohosh works well for women who can not take oestrogen, black Cohosh helps relive the discomforts due to menopause
  • UTI- Urinary Tract Infection

    the most common and useful remedies for UTI is cranberry juice drink a lot to help flush out infection, don’t forget to eat fresh and dry cranberries too

  • Anxiety, Stress and Relaxatiom

    Lavender flowers are an age old remedy for anxiety, use lavender oil in your bath water or a handful of lavender flowers. lavender can significantly reduces anger, frustration and negativity…Ingesting lavender oil is toxic, keep away from Children

    • Lemon balm for relaxation, try a cup of lemon balm tea, mix with chamomile for extra benefits
  • Cancer Prevention

    Obviously we can not predict who will and will not get cancer but some herbs can help prevent certain types of cancer…

    • Garlic reduced the risk of several types of cancer, such as prostate, colon and bladder cancers
    • Tea, more specifically green tea, studies show that women who drank at least 3 cups a day were less likely to get breast cancer, it also helps prevent colon, rectum and pancreas cancers
    • Eating fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables will also help protect you against cancer
      • St. John’s Wort for Depression For mild depression, St. John’s wort often works as well as Prozac and Zoloft, but with fewer side effects. Stomach upset is possible, and St. John’s wort interacts with many drugs, including possibly reducing the effectiveness of birth-control pills. Depression requires professional care; ask your physician about St. John’s wort.
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